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Buchanan Clark And Wells is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting company in the website of





Name: Buchanan Clark And Wells
Also Known As: Buchanan Clark And Wells Ltd.
Address: BCW House, 24 George Square, Glasgow G2 1EG. Also 11 Elm Court, Stratford on Avon.
Fax: 0845 300 6898
Email: [user]@bcwgroup.com
Extra Data: They have a phone number of 0871 7001547; but don't use that because you'll be charges 10p a minute. It diverts to 0141 2213535, so use that, but ONLY if you have to.


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Buchanan Clark And Wells and the Truth About Your Debt

Several good consumer forums exist on the internet where you're able to read about the antics involving Buchannan Clark and Wells and their various schemes. Notice how some of the DPCs specialise in some types of activity while others choose different lines according to their positions of strength. The outcome is always suffering and distress for a lot of ordinary people. The debt collectors are often members of plausible sounding trade groups which appears to legitimize their questionable procedures.

There are several useful things you could do to thwart the debt collectors who operate in this way and the various tactics of Buchannan Clark and Wells. You can permanently bar their telephone number using BT's Choose To Refuse service, or you could record their telephone conversations, you can write telling them not to call at your house or a combination of these things (all these letters can be downloaded freely from the website).

So ask Buchanan Clark And Wells for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.





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